Jeremy Holland–Smith — Musician — 3 Point Charge — Music Album Artwork

3 Point Charge 

‘Electrostatic force between three colinear point charges’.

3 Point Charge is a one act work which explores the fragility of our psyche -  how easily our emotions are drawn or forced in different directions. 

The central three chord motif provides a constant throughout. The smallest alteration shifts the musical energy and therefore, our emotions.  Feelings of restlessness, instability, desolation give way to feelings of hopefulness, joy, and extreme euphoria.  

A select palette of mutated electronics, strings, piano and synths provides the foundation for this exploration, designed to be listened to as a one act ‘travelator’.   

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3 Point Charge is available to purchase now on iTunes using the link below and to stream on Spotify.



Piano, Rhodes, Synths - Jeremy Holland-Smith
Violin - Richard George
Viola - Reiad Chibah
'Cello - Ian Burdge

Recorded by Mark Wyllie @ Hailstones Studio
Mixed by Jeremy Holland-Smith and Mark Wyllie
Mastered by John Webber @ Air Studios

All tracks composed and produced by Jeremy Holland-Smith.