Jeremy Holland–Smith — Musician — The White Pass — Music Album Artwork for Original Soundtrack

The White Pass 

The White Pass is the original soundtrack composed by Jeremy Holland-Smith, commissioned for the BBC documentary 'I Shot My Parents'. The film, set in America, follows the dramatic case of a child, who in 2013 shot his parents while they slept. Miraculously they both survived. The White Pass is the route the family must travel to see their imprisoned son. Portrayed as not just a physical journey but an emotional journey The White Pass became the title and the inspiration for the soundtrack.

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Piano and Synths - Jeremy Holland-Smith
Violin - Richard George
Viola - Reiad Chibah
‘Cello - Ian Burdge

Recorded by Mark Wyllie @ Hailstones Studio
Mixed by Jeremy Holland-Smith and Mark Wyllie
Mastered by John Webber @ Air Studios
All tracks composed and produced by Jeremy Holland-Smith.